Everlasting Portfolio

Start investing alongside Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner and discover the one portfolio he’s personally going 100% “all in” on with his own money.

The portfolio is already up 424%, and we believe its best days are still ahead!

Plus, learn how it can help you shape up YOUR portfolio in less than 30 minutes.

Dear fellow investor,

Motley Fool CEO Tom Gardner is doing something quite unusual…

You see, with stocks generating over a decade of steady gains, many investors are beginning to wonder if the recent volatility is a sign that the market’s most profitable days are behind us.

And while Tom understands why some investors may think that’s the case, he’s convinced big gains can still be achieved in the coming years by investors who have the right portfolio strategy and are willing to look for opportunity where others don’t.

That’s why Tom has decided to offer direct access to the Everlasting Portfolio – the most ambitious portfolio service we offer here at The Motley Fool – plus, instant access to Backstage, an advanced investing hub with powerful tools that we’ll touch on in minute...

The Everlasting Portfolio is backed with over $12 million of The Motley Fool’s own investment capital and contains only the stocks Tom personally considers to be the “best of the best” in the market today.

But because Tom believes the coming months will be some of the most important we’ve seen this century, he wanted to give you the chance to unlock access to his highest-conviction investment recommendations for the months ahead.

What’s more, even though the Everlasting Portfolio represents The Motley Fool’s single-largest real-money stock portfolio, here’s what really sets it apart from anything else we’ve ever offered to our investment community…

The stocks Tom picks for the Everlasting Portfolio are the only publicly traded stocks he personally owns – and the only publicly traded stocks he will buy for the rest of his life...

Yes, you read that right. And, yes, that does mean getting access to the Everlasting Portfolio service is exactly like getting a window into the publicly-traded stocks in Tom Gardner’s personal portfolio from here on out.

You see, back in May 2012, Tom sold ALL of his publicly traded stock holdings...

Then Tom made a rather unusual – and to our knowledge, completely unprecedented – pledge to The Motley Fool community:

Not only would Tom devote The Motley Fool’s own investment dollars to the stocks held in the Everlasting Portfolio...but then Tom would also invest his own personal cash into each of them as soon as our compliance officer gave him the go-ahead.

And Tom doesn’t just invest a tiny portion of his personal portfolio into these Everlasting stocks… The stocks recommended inside the Everlasting Portfolio represent the ONLY publicly-traded stocks Tom owns – and will ever own.

With his own money on the line, Tom wanted to eliminate any doubt that he was 100% “all in” on his ambitious plan to have the Everlasting Portfolio represent the “best of the best” stocks from outside and within The Motley Fool universe – giving you an unparalleled look at the companies he believes have the power to build life-changing wealth.

Frankly, we don’t know of any other service in the world where the founder and CEO of a company is willing to go to these kinds of lengths to make sure members' interests and his interests are so completely aligned.

We know many investors like you just don’t have the time or energy to sift through hundreds of recommendations to decide which are perfect for a well-diversified portfolio – not to mention one that reflects exactly what our CEO is doing in his own personal account!

That’s why we’re so excited to finally give you a chance to access this invitation and start following 罢辞尘’蝉 top portfolio guidance.

Tom Gardner has opened the doors to his Everlasting Portfolio and finally answering investors' biggest questions.

It’s no secret the past few months have been volatile for stock market investors – but that’s why Tom believes RIGHT NOW is the ideal time for investors to follow the words of Warren Buffett.

Specifically, “Be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful.”

And when the market gets volatile, that’s when it becomes time to ask yourself who you can trust to give you level-headed guidance.

And while he’ll be the first one to tell you that we shouldn’t rub our past returns in the faces of investors who may have missed out, Tom is proud of the returns The Motley Fool has been able to help real investors like you achieve over the past few years.

We’re sure you’re familiar with big winners like Amazon (up 16,767%), Netflix (up 20,383%), Baidu (up 1,252%), and Booking.com (up 12,817%); but truth be told, Tom takes even more pride in the overall number of winners we’ve helped investors find.

The Motley Fool’s stock recommendation services have still uncovered 310 stocks that have doubled in value…and 63 stocks that have gone up 10 times in value.

Now while these recommendations have, by and large, helped Fools just like you make a killing, Tom understands that investors still have big questions like:

“Of all the hundreds of stocks that your stock recommendation services' advisors recommend, which ones do you think have the most upside in 2021 and beyond?"

“Is now the time to lock in gains and get defensive?”

“What percentage of my portfolio should be allocated to small- and microcap stocks?”

“Which trades are you, Tom, personally making in your own portfolio?”

Perhaps you find yourself looking for answers to these exact questions…

If so, allow us to quickly show you why Tom is convinced the Everlasting Portfolio answers these critical questions and why he believes his unique portfolio strategy can hand investors exceptional returns in the new year and beyond.

Here’s exactly how the Everlasting Portfolio helps investors like you build a “best of the best” stock portfolio for 2021 and beyond.

As CEO of The Motley Fool, Tom Gardner oversees over 30 different analysts – across seven worldwide offices – who have the single goal of researching and identifying the market’s biggest opportunities.

Not only does this world-class research provide Tom with a unique view of the broader stock market, but it also gives him unprecedented insight into The Motley Fool’s over 700 active, individual stock recommendations.

From the growth stocks available in services like Rule Breakers, Stock Advisor, and Blast Off, and other hot investing trends...

...To companies that can help you generate incremental and meaningful income, featured in our Options, Moneymakers, and Total Income services...

...To overlooked small-cap and microcap stocks our team believes could have 1,000% potential, found in The Rising Stars Portfolio, Global Partners, and The Next Home Run Stocks...

Tom is in the unique position to take advantage of buying opportunities no matter where they emerge – helping him handpick only the best investment ideas that come across his radar.

From large caps to small caps to international stocks, 罢辞尘’蝉 goal with the Everlasting Portfolio is to identify the “best of the best” stocks from across The Motley Fool’s powerful investing services to create a market-beating and diversified portfolio.

Of course, as one of the most talented investors you’ll probably ever meet, Tom also finds and recommends stocks from outside the Foolish universe that he thinks belong in a long-term investor’s portfolio.

Every quarter, Tom surveys the entire market to identify the handful of stocks he believes are worthy of members' and his investment dollars.

And with so much on the line, you can bet every stock selected in the Everlasting Portfolio has been personally vetted and painstakingly researched by Tom himself.

But you see, when it comes to the Everlasting Portfolio, Tom believes achieving consistent and market-beating returns takes more than simply selecting the right stocks…

And because the Everlasting Portfolio is of course a real-money portfolio service – as opposed to simply a stock recommendation service – Tom doesn’t stop there.

In addition to which stocks to buy at any point in time, Tom and his team will always keep members fully in the loop about:

How much to buy (as a percentage of a total portfolio) and...

When, if ever, he thinks it’s time to sell.

Which brings us to what we believe is by far the most intriguing feature of the Everlasting Portfolio – as well as proof positive that Tom has put his money where his mouth is and is truly committed to this epic endeavor...

As we’ve already explained, every stock recommended by Tom inside the Everlasting Portfolio is backed by The Motley Fool’s investment capital and 罢辞尘’蝉 personal money.

And as you’re likely well aware, many other investment services across the globe just love doling out their “brilliant” investment advice...tips...tricks...strategies...picks...etc.

But when it comes to literally putting their money where their mouths are, they’re somehow nowhere to be found.

Which raises an unsettling question... If they don’t have enough conviction in their advice to put their own cash behind it for the long haul, then why the heck should you?

Fortunately, that’s not a problem you’ll ever encounter in the Everlasting Portfolio.

Because in addition to putting real money on the line, Tom also intends to own every stock he buys inside the Everlasting Portfolio for at least FIVE YEARS!

Now of course, if you decide to sign up today and follow 罢辞尘’蝉 Everlasting Portfolio guidance, you’re certainly not required to hold all of your investments for five years; but Tom believes this bold promise shows how much he believes in the long-term potential of every stock that makes up his personal portfolio.

Frankly, we don’t know of any other service in the world where the founder and CEO of a company is willing to go to these kinds of lengths to make sure members' interests and his interests are so completely aligned.

Of course, in the rare event that he does decide to sell a position within the Everlasting Portfolio, he will also sell it in his personal portfolio.

We say “rare event” because Tom truly wants this portfolio and the stocks in it to be everlasting.

By that, we mean businesses with...

Rock-solid brands (like Netflix)...

Exceptional competitive advantages (like Mastercard)...

Long-term-focused, shareholder-friendly management (like Facebook)...

An ability to create products and services that feed consumer demand (like iRobot)...

A plan for long-term expansion (like Shopify)...

...that can continue to grow their market, crank out cash, and reward long-term shareholders for years or even decades to come (which is why Tom intends to hold these stocks for a BARE MINIMUM of five years)...

As you know, Warren Buffett became one of the richest men in the world by buying and holding “everlasting” stocks like Coca-Cola, GEICO, The Washington Post, and See’s Candies.

Now if you’re like any of the savvy investors we meet here at The Motley Fool, at this point, you’re probably wondering about the Everlasting Portfolio’s track record…

How the Everlasting Portfolio helped members who followed its recommendations to return nearly 6x their money in just over 8 years...

... And why the next decade could be even better...

As we mentioned above, for most of its existence, access to the Everlasting Portfolio was exclusive to members of Tom Gardner’s Motley Fool ONE service – an invitation-only service that costs over $8,000 per year.

And since the introduction of the Everlasting Portfolio more than eight years ago, buying this brand of “forever” stocks has already helped Tom and some of his most loyal followers bank a stunning 424% return in the process and has consistently outperformed the S&P through ups and downs (while keeping a good amount of cash on the sidelines, we might add)...

Tom has helped real-life investors achieve these market-beating returns through a combination of intense quantitative analysis and boots-on-the-ground research – meeting one-on-one with many of the founders and CEOs of the companies he considers for the Everlasting Portfolio.

Tom Gardner brings you top business leaders

You see, Tom believes CEO leadership is the key in determining whether companies have what it takes to join a very select club of stocks worth his and your personal money...

After all, what was the key difference between McDonald’s and the tens of thousands of other restaurants across America? It certainly wasn’t better burgers...it was Ray Kroc.

What was the difference between Wal-Mart and the thousands of other Main Street stores it outhustled and outcompeted on its way to dominance of American retail? Sam Walton.

And why did Apple turn every $10,000 invested in its IPO into more than $3 million today? Steve Jobs.

Tom has an advantage shared by almost no other investor on Earth, which is that he’s not only evaluating stocks for his portfolio...as the CEO of The Motley Fool, he understands what makes a great corporate leader.

Tom can stare a CEO right in the eyes and know if they’re working harder to grow your wealth than you ever had to work to get it.

If you’ve been with the Fool awhile, you already know Tom routinely sits down with business visionaries like Starbucks founder Howard Shultz and Netflix founder and CEO Reed Hastings to gain invaluable investment insights on behalf of our members...

Tom also routinely meets one-on-one with the CEOs of companies he’s directly invested in...including Costco co-founder Jim Sinegal, Arista Networks CEO Jayshree Ullal, and Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff, just to name a few.

In fact, some of the investors who have been following the Everlasting Portfolio – especially those who are executives, entrepreneurs, or founders at their places of work – have told Tom that the business lessons they’ve learned from these interviews are absolutely invaluable.

As you can tell, Tom goes to incredible lengths to make sure only his highest-conviction investment ideas become official recommendations in the Everlasting Portfolio.

But with his own money on the line – as well as a commitment to hold every stock for at least five years – it’s easy to see why Tom doesn’t shy away from taking an unconventional approach to his Everlasting-style of investing.

Which brings us to yet another “unusual” strategy Tom has consistently used in the Everlasting Portfolio to help investors run laps around the market – a strategy he calls “doubling up.”

You see, unlike most investors who tend to “double down” on their losing stocks – thereby lowering their average cost basis – Tom prefers to “double up” on his winners.

Allow us to walk you through a few real-life trades from the Everlasting Portfolio where 罢辞尘’蝉 unique “double up” strategy has led to huge returns…

After Facebook's shaky IPO back in 2012, many investors wrote off the company. However, Tom Gardner saw something much different in the company and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, buying shares in the Everlasting Portfolio and boldly writing:

“I will be shocked if Facebook’s stock doesn’t double from here over the next five years.

“What’s more, its young founder, with a mother lode of stock and thousands of diehard employees, will turn Facebook into the greatest platform for communications in the history of our species over the next decade, rewarding us with outsized returns.”

As you can see in the chart below, not only was Tom “right on the money” back in 2013, but he then went on to recommend members “double up” on shares of Facebook seven more times!

Facebook Returns Image

We believe this unique “double up” strategy is one of the most valuable aspects of following the Everlasting Portfolio. Not only does Tom help members identify what he sees as some of the market’s best stocks, he will always tell them exactly when to pull the trigger!

Need more proof?

Exactly one year after his first Facebook recommendation, Tom added shares of a little-known cloud computing company named Arista Networks to the Everlasting Portfolio.

In Arista, Tom discovered two founders and a CEO who, together, owned more than 50% of the company. At the time, Tom stated that he believed this gave leadership a unique opportunity to run this company for success over very, very long-term periods (great for Everlasting investors).

He was right again… Everlasting investors who followed Tom into Arista more than tripled their money – not to mention the big returns they achieved by following 罢辞尘’蝉 not one, not two, but FIVE subsequent “double ups” on the stock…

Arista Networks Returns Image

Again, “doubling up” on your winners flies smack in the face of conventional financial wisdom. It contradicts most of the allocation “rules” taught by professors...and repeated by the smooth-talking, tanning-bed faces on CNBC. You’ll even notice in the chart that there have been two more buy alerts since then that are treading water, but that’s how investing works. We’re keeping our long-term perspective and believe Arista will deliver nicely over the next few years.

And that’s how you can more than triple your money in just 8 years if you follow Tom in his Everlasting Portfolio.

And now, Tom is recommending members take a few other critical steps RIGHT NOW that he believes can allow them to better position their portfolios for long-term success, including:

Shifting capital away from well-known technology stocks like Apple and into small- and microcap stocks that Tom thinks have more growth potential in the year ahead

Setting aside more cash to take advantage of specific buying opportunities he believes will continue to emerge in the months ahead

Strategically adding more international stocks to their portfolios – particularly China-based tech companies which have been beaten down

Given 罢辞尘’蝉 proven track record inside the Everlasting Portfolio, we have the utmost confidence these moves can not only sustain the portfolio’s outperformance but increase it over time – making today an ideal time to begin following 罢辞尘’蝉 Everlasting guidance.

Especially when you consider this…

Becoming an official member of the Everlasting Portfolio today means more than simply having access to 罢辞尘’蝉 portfolio guidance and his big announcements as long as you're a member.

When you become an Everlasting Portfolio member today, you’ll get instant access to Backstage – our advanced investing hub that also includes...

  • Twice monthly stock recommendations (ranging from micro to large-cap stocks) from our very own Chief Investment Officer (these are IN ADDITION TO your Everlasting Portfolio stock recommendations!)
  • Access to powerful tools like My Portfolios
  • Portfolio allocation guidance via The Motley Fool’s Allocator tool*
  • PLUS… access to Backstage Pass – an exclusive video stream with special content only for Backstage members

And because Tom is dead-set on providing new members with a complete game plan, he’s put together one of the most comprehensive sets of investor action guides we’ve ever created here at The Motley Fool.

罢辞尘’蝉 Everlasting Portfolio Guidebook is a valuable report that helps new members like you get up and running smoothly. This includes a “Getting Started” guide, “Principles of Winning,” “Everlasting Portfolio Philosophy,” and the popular "How to Know When to Sell: Tom Gardner’s Principles for Selling."

In this guide, you’ll find 罢辞尘’蝉 complete and personal methodology for determining the right moment to cut bait on a stock and sell a position.

So, if the market’s rollercoaster ride has you wondering if now is the right time to lock in gains on any of your existing positions, "罢辞尘’蝉 Principles for Selling" will walk you through his whole process step-by-step.

Now, the fact that you’re still reading means you’re at least considering joining us inside the Everlasting Portfolio and accessing the latest "buy" alerts, so before you make your final decision…

Let us quickly summarize exactly what you can expect to receive as an official member of the Everlasting Portfolio...

Tom and the rest of his team are incredibly excited to finally offer investors like you direct access to the Everlasting Portfolio.

So, when you join us right now, you will gain unfettered access to:

Every stock recommended inside of the Everlasting Portfolio (and thus, the publicly-traded stocks in 罢辞尘’蝉 personal account!)

罢辞尘’蝉 brand-new Everlasting recommendations – and new recommendations revealed quarterly

All future “Buy” and “Sell” recommendations during your membership – Every quarter, Tom will show you exactly what trades to make

The Everlasting Playbook – A multipart collection to quickly get you up and running

How to Know When to Sell: Tom Gardner’s Principles for Selling – Your guide for knowing when to lock in gains on any position

Instant access to Backstage including twice monthly stock recommendations on top of Everlasting Portfolio and more...

As you can see, Tom has done his best to help investors like you eliminate 100% of the guesswork that comes along with managing a portfolio in the year ahead.

We truly believe that if you follow 罢辞尘’蝉 Everlasting guidance, your best investing days are still ahead of you.

Today’s invitation could be the best offer you see ALL year!

And while thousands of investors have gladly paid those membership dues for access to 罢辞尘’蝉 portfolio, Tom wants to make access even more affordable – giving everyone the chance to discover the powerful results he’s helped members who've followed along achieve.

That’s why Tom has asked us to only charge $2,999 for a membership to the Everlasting Portfolio.

But there’s even better news for you…

Because today, we're pleased to offer you complete access to 罢辞尘’蝉 Everlasting Portfolio for $1,000 off^.

There’s no catch…we don’t do catches here at The Motley Fool. You’ll become a full and complete member of Everlasting Portfolio – at a bargain price – just by signing up now.

And it should be noted – the Everlasting Portfolio does not offer any refunds.

Remember, the Everlasting Portfolio is a unique service designed to give you immediate access to ALL of 罢辞尘’蝉 highest-conviction recommendations – not to mention the publicly-traded stocks in his personal portfolio...it simply wouldn’t be fair to allow investors to join today, quickly make use of its recommendations, and then cancel without paying their fair share...

We think you’ll agree that’s reasonable.

However, if you join and aren’t impressed with 罢辞尘’蝉 guidance, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll allow you to transfer the value of your entire membership fee toward one of our other outstanding portfolio services.

This is your chance.

As noted earlier, this could be the best deal you'll receive all year. We don't want you to miss out. Simply fill out your information below to get full access to every stock that earned a coveted place in the Everlasting Portfolio and lock in today's incredible deal before it potentially disappears!

Data as of 9/7/21.

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Since you will unlock access to our premium research the second you join Everlasting Portfolio we are unable to offer cash refunds. However, if you decide this service is not right for you, simply give us a call within the next 30 days, and a friendly member of our customer service team will assist you in transferring your credit towards another portfolio service here at The Motley Fool.

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